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Wuxi GeePro Machinery Bearing Co., Ltd

Address: Middle Renmin Road 224, Room 406, Chong'an District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (214000)

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GeePro Bearing is ISO9001:2008 certified. GeePro Bearing have built quality process control and product traceability system. 

Many advanced test equipment and tools are available for product qualification and analysis. GeePro also invites third party to inspect the quality periodically, such as SGS and AQSIQ.

1.Cylindricity Measuring Instrument.jpg

Cylindricity Measuring Instrument

2.Vivtorinox hardness.jpg

Vivtorinox Hardness



4.Digital recorder.jpg

Digital Recorder

5.Withstand voltage tester.jpgWithstand Voltage Tester

6.Flow test stand.jpgFlow Test Stand

7.Precision NC grinding machine.jpg

Precision NC Grinding Machine

8.Precision CNC lathe.jpg

Precision CNC Lathe

9.High precision CNC machine tools.jpg

High Precision CNC Machine Tools

10.The electromagnetic force test platform.jpg

The Electromagnetic Force Test Platform

11.Belt tension control of winding machine.jpg

Belt Tension Control Of Winding Machine

12.Testing equipment of electromagnetic valve.jpg

Testing Equipment Of Electromagnetic Valve